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OFSC has very dedicated and hands on parents that work tirelessly to ensure our skaters have an amazing, fun time. Our parents ensure our skaters have plenty of team activities and events to attend, like traveling to skating competitions throughout the year, if desired, banquets, holiday parties, etc. Our skaters typically become very close with their fellow teammates. They build lifelong friendships with other skaters from OFSC and skaters from other rinks they meet at competitions!  

Owensboro Figure Skating Club currently has three coaches. Our coaches work on a strictly volunteer basis. Their generosity saves our club members a lot of money each year in coaching fees so that skating with OFSC is affordable for all families!

Skating itself has many health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, improved muscle & joint flexibility, and improved balance & coordination. Skating is  a great way to stay active, manage weight, and stress relief! Many skaters say their "happy place" is at the rink.

Did you know that skating works nearly every muscle in the  body?

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Extra ice time is Available for $8.50 per session. Freestyle Ice is payable to the Edge Ice Rink.

More ice time may be available as the schedule allows.

Mondays - 4:30-5:00 PM 

Fridays - 4:30-5:30 PM 

*Times may vary or change due to events at the Edge Ice Center, always check with the rink prior to arrival for times and/or changes.



A skater can compete at any age and level. Competing is a great way for them to build confidence and self-esteem.  The club participates in a home competition every March, typically held the last weekend in March. This is held here in Owensboro. We may travel to other locations, depending on skater and parent/guardian interest. Competitions are not mandatory as a part of club, but highly encouraged.. Each skater must pay their own competition fees to compete, unless fundraising is done to cover those costs. Coaching fees apply for travel, lodging, and food for the coaches, while at the competitions.


To join, please contact Ashley Harley at 270.244.5396, via phone, text, or email at  After evaluation, if you or your child is eligible to join, bring in the completed paperwork (downloadable on this page) and joining membership fees. Kerry Bodenheimer must approve any and all applicants for OFSC. 

All of our skaters take lessons concurrently with club. Learn to skate lessons are scheduled via the Edge Ice Center. You can find the link under our 'Learn to Skate' tab on this website. If you are new to ice skating, you will need to enroll in lessons via the Edge. Once skaters are able to do crossovers, typically pre-alpha or alpha, they are able to be evaluated to join OFSC.  Please keep in mind that all skaters of all skill levels are required to be enrolled in the Learn to Skate lessons.

We ask that skaters have appropriate skates prior to joining club. The rink does not rent out skates for club days. Please speak to one of the coaches prior to purchasing skates. Most beginner skates are suitable starting out, however, if your skater is more advanced - in Freestyle levels already, please do not purchase skates without speaking to a coach. Proper skate fitting and stiffness is very important. Sometimes, parents or the club itself may have gently used skates available for purchase. 

Skaters also need appropriate attire - no jeans or baggy clothing. Leggings and shirts are adequate. Most skaters get warm after a while. Jackets are allowed, as long as they don't hinder the skaters movements. Please no hoodies or sweaters and jackets with hanging strings.  

Gloves are recommended to have at the ready. 

Skaters need a notebook and pen or pencil for practice as well. 

Hair is to be tied back away from the face. Please be sure to have extra hair ties.

A bag to carry skates, guards, towel, and soakers in, along with all other items skaters need as listed above. Some skaters use a backpack, skate backpack, small travel suitcase, or duffle bags, specialty bags are not required. 

POSITIVE ATTITUDE. We are proudly a drama free, bully free organization. This pertains to the skaters, parents, and anyone else who may be present during practice and events.  Family members are allowed to watch their skaters during practice, however, we ask that you allow the coaches and skaters to work without distractions. Other children present but not skating are to be supervised at all times. Parents and/or siblings and visitors are also allowed to sit in the lobby during club hours. 


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